Forward Thinking

I support planning that addresses growth and traffic issues in our city.  We need to evaluate our city master plan and current zoning to ensure it is aligned with the Draper of today and the future.

Our city is close to being built out; we need to be prepared to replace the income from building fees, etc. in order to sustain our city amenities such as the fire department, police department, sanitary collection and public works.

We need plans to support our roads and maintain them.  We need a concise plan that will address the traffic congestion on the main road arteries and understand how these areas will be impacted by developments proposed.

We need to be open to growing and developing mass transit opportunities.  The development of the Utah State prison site, Pluralsight and other areas in this corridor will require expansion of mass transit.  We must look to the future of what will be the best transportation options for our city.

We still have a unique opportunity to preserve our city center.  We must secure a creative zoning plan for our town center to bring a balance between preservation and future development.

Respect for All

My door is always open. I will be respectful.  I am committed to work collaboratively with the council and residents of Draper to solve the greatest issues facing our City.

Our future planning needs input from the residents of Draper.  This is our city and the upcoming development and plans need to be implemented and secured by those of us who have made Draper our home for the present and future.  Decisions need to be made in the best interest of our citizens based on the input of all.

We need to maintain a perspective of gratitude and understand the great amenities we enjoy in this city.  We seem to take for granted the sanitary services when our garbage is collected each week until a work holiday or malfunction occurs, and our garbage is not collected on the exact schedule we have each come to expect.  How often do we recognize the times our streets and curbs have been cleaned in our neighborhoods or the prompt timeliness of snow-plowed roads?  Many of these services we as lay citizens may overlook, but a proper plan on how these will be supported in the future is vital.


Environmental Awareness

I support our parks, trails, and outdoor amenities.  I am committed to activities and community programs that contribute to the mental and physical wellness of our residents to help us more fully enjoy the reasons we all live in Draper.

Environmental Awareness is more than just being “green.”  I absolutely support the protection of our wonderful trails, parks, protecting Corner Canyon and the flight park.  We all need to take more steps to preserve the environment.  However, environmental awareness to me is more – it is about a quality of life.

We enjoy a wonderful quality of life in city of Draper, but it needs our attention and more importantly our protection.  I am in support of sustaining our parks and maintaining programs to involve all of us as a community.  Our parks, trails and the development of recreational areas improve our quality of life.

We need to create even a greater unity between our police and fire departments and the residents of the city.  When our public safety is properly supported our quality of life improves.

I am a proponent of programs to improve the mental and physical wellness of our citizens.  This can be developed with community programs that involve our schools and other resources invested in the city.  We need to address these important issues with children of all ages and our adult community.  When we improve our mental and physical wellness and support each other as a community quality of life will be sustained.


Draper Doorway

We are the Doorway between the Salt Lake Valley and Silicon Slopes.  I will work hard to ensure input in the development of the Utah state prison site reflects the values, desires and beauty of Draper City.

The decisions on how development of this area is determined may go down in history as one of the biggest developments in the Salt Lake valley and certainly to the community of Draper.

We need to be open to growing and developing mass transit opportunities in this area.  This corridor will require expansion of mass transit.  We must look to the future of what will be the best transportation options for our city whether it be expansion of frontrunner, light rail or mass bus transit systems.

We only have one opportunity in this unique area of our city.  This land should be developed in a manner that benefits in the best way the citizens of our city and state.  The success in this development will require collaborative effort with the state of Utah to make sure the interests of the Draper community are heard and implemented.  I am committed to this task.